Case Studies

Fire and safety inspection software


The client was spending a lot of money on paper for printing inspection reports. Not just the printing cost though, it was taking up to a few days before the service technician would turn in the inspection reports. This led to delay in invoicing thereby company cash flow was suffering.


A web and mobile-accessible web portal was customized for this client. This allowed service technicians to create reports for fire extinguishers, fire alarm systems, emergency lightings, kitchen suppression systems, sprinklers and many more. As soon as the reports are completed in the field, the office manager can invoice right away resulting in the company getting paid faster leading to better cash flow.

Fire Inspection Dashboard Reports
Latest Fire Inspection Software
Inspection Dashboard
Fire and Safety Inspection Invoices
Inspection Overview Dashboard


The software is in modules where the client can pick and choose the services offered such as for fire extinguishers, fire alarms, emergency lighting, kitchen reports, sprinklers and more. The field technician sees the mobile version and the bookkeeper sees the desktop version. Other modules include instant PDF inspection reports, customer list, building list, equipment per customer, performed services, invoices, etc.

Web portal for laboratory tests

software case studies

Arabellsoft appreciates the collaboration with Alex Doll. He wanted to bring an old web tool he created to a more modern tool. 

The software building process involved gathering Alex’s requirements, releasing bi-weekly features, bug fixes and modifying the software based on his feedback.

We launched the web portal plotting facilities for particle size distributions generated by laboratory sieving tests.

The new web tool is live at Granulometrics.

TECHNOLOGY: React.js, Node.js, mySQL database, Next.js, amCharts, GraphQL and others.

Online to Desktop Printing

boca ticketzone print preview
Online to desktop windows application
Design and develop a new online to desktop print application that can print from anywhere without being physically connected to the printer.

ticketZone app was born that allows event organizers to login into their online portal and print box office tickets from any browser of their choice.

ticketZone Inc. had old printing applications written for windows 95.  The software was slowing down productivity of the staff and blocking upgrades to the latest windows operating system. Upgrading the app to windows 10 brings increased productivity for their business thereby increasing revenue, rather than fighting issues. 

Upgrading their operating system also allows them to stay competitive on a lower budget because of productivity gains. ticketZone had an ambitious goal: to print from online to a locally connected printer.  Arabellsoft approached this by collaborating with ticketZone’s CEO, project managers, print designers and developers to find out what the exact needs were.

Arabellsoft came up with a couple of design options.  ticketZone chose a design that allows an always-on access between online, local ticketZone apps and their event ticket printers. 

The project was delivered using a weekly milestone or sprint.  ticketZone project team got a weekly report.  They had control over what features gets developed and were regularly updated via email, phone call and Asana.

Arabellsoft worked with ticketZone to iron out issues and supports their customers/development team during deployment and use of the app.  

The ticketZone app and its online server component is now being used by in the field by ticketZone event organizers and print departments within ticketZone.

TECHNOLOGY: WPF, C#, MVVM, Node.js, NUnit, Moq, MySQL database, Javascript and others.

Bridging the Gap between Lenders and Borrowers.

mortgage software question
mortgage software question

The mortgage portal allowed borrowers to apply for mortgages without leaving the comfort of their couch.

Design and develop a web application that is a simple, dynamic and secured way for lenders to receive mortgage applications.

The mortgage app was deployed online and tested by lenders/borrowers.

A mortgage broker approached Arabellsoft to design and develop a mortgage application that can help with streamlining the mortgage application workflow for his brokerage.  

Arabellsoft Inc. ended up partnering with the firm to build easy to use, human-inspired questions for the online application.  The data is stored in Canada, progress is saved saving time for the applicants and documentation is based on the answers relevant to the applicants and lenders needs.

The client got regular updates about the progress of the development.  Features or user stories were created in Asana, status updates were via face-to-face meetings, phone calls and conference calls.

Arabellsoft worked with the mortgage broker and borrowers in order to perform user testing for the software. 

TECHNOLOGY/FRAMEWORK: React.js, HTTPS (for secured transaction), Node.js, Jest (testing framework), MongoDB (scalable database), Javascript, Microservices and others.