Affordability for your first mortgage

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You got that job, you got married. Maybe your wife is expecting a baby.  You are looking to buy a house or a home to be specific.  

The question comes to mind how you can afford the down-payment.  You check the property prices and they are shooting up everyday.  Usually you need about 5% down payment.  With the new lending rule coming out in 2018, you will need to have your income stress tested for an interest rate of about 4.89%.

Here are some useful ways you can afford that home that you want:

  1. Eat out less. Cook some delicious meals together and spend more time with the family.
  2. You might be able to afford your dream home by looking for houses with a rental suite.  The income from the rental suite can be used to offset your mortgage payment.  
  3. You can apply for mortgage plus improvement.  See your mortgage broker or bank for this.
  4. Look for potential in a home rather than a ready-made or brand new home.  This means look for potential renovations like adding a room, an in-law suite, an extra bathroom, putting in a garage and [insert your desired want here].

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