Apps I Use

Sometimes I get asked what apps I use on my phone and iPad.

On my Google Nexus S, I mostly use:

  • Chrome Beta: it looks quite sleek. Google has done a good job in laying the tabs browsing very well. You could even see the preview of the tabs when you click on the tabs button that shows you how many tabs you currently have open.
  • Evernote: What can I say about this great app? The UI has greatly evolved overtime. The app now commands a clean-looking interface that is so easy to use. I have now ditched my hardcover notebook at work. I could create and update ideas, To Do/To Go lists, share notes, record presentations, shopping lists, links, etc. The app is simply brilliant!
  • Pulse: This app has become my de facto app for reading news. The guys at Pulse have taken reading news on your portable device to another level. You can add new sources, scroll the different news items, follow the category you’re interested in and swipe back and forth in full screen mode. Just awesome!
  • WhatsApp: This is my “to go” app for keeping touch. I reach out to friends and folks that are not in Canada easily without having to think about international text cost. I mostly use the image sharing functionality but you can share other things like videos, sound, maps and contacts with your contacts on the app.
  • CoPilot Live: This is a very handy utility for getting directions. Although, Android phones by default come with the free Google Maps and Navigation, there are times you don’t have data signal to navigate to your destination. CoPilot to the rescue!
  • Dropbox: Simple – great for keeping your files on the cloud.
  • TED: Very good for getting inspired by great people.

For my iPad, I will add the list soon. Stay tuned.

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