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  • Find Regular Expression for words that contain only letters?

    Problem Return words that only contain letters a-z and A-Z. Output Return True or False if there’s a match. Source Code (in C#) static bool IsAllLetters ( string input ) { Regex rg = newRegex ( @”^[a-zA-Z]+$” ); return rg.IsMatch ( input ); } Notes/Analysis of Source Code The regular expression pattern contains: “^[a-zA-Z]+$”. “^” […]

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  • Getting started with Windows Azure

    I got the idea of blogging about Windows Azure and Cloud Computing from a Microsoft MSDN Event I attended in Seattle, Washington in March 2010. It was titled Cloud Computing and Azure. I have since gotten hooked after the event to see where I can learn a thing or two about cloud computing and Azure. […]

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  • Could not open a connection to SQL Server 2008 Express

    If you are working with Visual Studio Express 2008 or even trying to connect to a SQL Server Express data source and you see the error below, then this guide is for you. Please follow the steps below to solve the problem: Click Start, click Run, in the Open box, type SQLServerManager10.msc, and then click […]

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  • Getting started with Microsoft HealthVault

    Download and install the Microsoft HealthVault SDK from Install the SDK and make sure you launch the Application Manager as shown below after the installation: Create an “Hello World” sample application by clicking on “Create New HelloWorld Sample”: 4. After you have created the “Hello World” application, it will open the project using Visual […]

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