Could not open a connection to SQL Server 2008 Express

If you are working with Visual Studio Express 2008 or even trying to connect to a SQL Server Express data source and you see the error below, then this guide is for you.

Please follow the steps below to solve the problem:

  1. Click Start, click Run, in the Open box, type SQLServerManager10.msc, and then click OK to open the SQL Server Configuration Manager program.
  2. Click SQL Server Services and on the left window, right-click SQL Server Browser on the right window
    and click Properties. Click the Service tab and change the Start Mode to Automatic:

  3. Click the Log On tab and click Start to start the SQL Server Browser Service.
  4. Press OK to dismiss the properties window.
  5. Now go to the left window and expand SQL Server Network Configuration, click on Protocols for SQLEXPRESS. Right-click on TCP/IP on the right window
    and click Enable.
  6. You will get the following message, click OK.

  7. Click SQL Server Services on the left window, right-click on SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) on the right window
    and press Restart.

Once the service has restarted, you should be able to connect to your SQL Server 2008 Express remotely. Have fun with it!

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