My take on Android 2.1

Two weeks back, I went into my local phone store here in Vancouver to get myself a Huawei U8100 with Android 2.1. I previously owned Windows Mobile 6.5 for about two years. After this, a Samsung which unfortunately was stolen at my local swimming pool. This is my take on the Android mobile platform:


  • Big User Interfae improvement compared to when Android first came out but still looks semi-basic compared to iPhone.
  • It has a pattern unlocking feature which means you shouldn’t need to remember a PIN, which I think is great.
  • If you have a Gmail account, it syncs very well. I was able to get a bunch of my contacts back. You will appreciate this feature, if your phone was stolen, got lost or changing to a new phone.
  • Also related to Gmail, I could get my Calendar synced with the phone with no hassle.
  • Kindle for Android: This is a great app that works very well with Android.
  • Handcent SMS is another great app that makes you want to send SMS every minute! You can even set thumbnail pictures of the people you having a conversation with. I think this is way too cool!
  • Google Maps: found it very useful when I’m up-and-about for directions, maps and transport links.
  • The apps market has a great feature of searching for the kind of app you want. No need browsing through the thousands of apps available.
  • You can use your choice of browsers. Currently, I’m trying out Dolphin Browser. This browser is looking really good.
  • Contact list allows you to connect with your faceBook account and you could decide to only display contacts with phone numbers. This I think is a very useful feature if your contact list is huge and you don’t want your faceBook friends all over your phone.
  • Touch screen keyboard has big keys that could fit my fat finger!
  • In terms of games, I sometimes play Air Control. This could get addictive sometimes.
  • It supports PDF documents.


  • Apps are littered all over the phone, which could sometimes make looking for an app a slight pain in the bum. It could have been more categorized.
  • The touch screen is not as smooth as it could be. Sometimes it could be jumpy!
  • The Music app that came with the phone can be a bit clunky.
  • The default SMS application just looks too plain.

These are just my own personal opinion about the Android 2.1 platform.

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