PWA is taking on mobile apps in mining

What’s PWA anyway? (Not the PDA you are thinking of…)

It stands for Progressive Web Application.

It allows a web application to behave like an installed mobile application on your smartphone. The only thing is — it is accessed through your browser. No need to deal with the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The updates to the application are applied as soon as they are ready.

How is this related to web applications for #mining?

For example, your crew members have been in the field for 4 days straight without internet connection on their work phone or tablet. You, as the foreman, need to know the rate of production and if they have been completing their safety checklist.

PWA has technology that allows the data collected offline to be temporarily stored on the device. When the crew finally connects to the internet, the offline data can be synced to the server.

And BOOM — you can see the production rate, safety reports, workflow status, waste data and so on.

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